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Water Heater Installation and Repair by Our Whittier Plumbing Team

Repairing or replacing a water Our Whittier Water Heater RService 24/7heater requires taking safety and building issues into consideration. Improperly installing a water heater can lead to inconsistent hot water, damage to property, water leaks and personal injuries. With our professional Whittier plumbing service, you never have to worry about improper water heater services.

Our plumbers are professionally trained and prepared to follow the right code requirements. Our goal is to ensure that the water heater is repaired or installed correctly without costing serious damage.

In addition to receiving professional services, we guarantee the convenience of having 24/7 service. This provides peace of mind that we are available whenever you need us. Expect nothing less from highly trained professionals who operate with honesty and integrity.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed with competitive pricing. We ensure that the water heater provides optimal service and meets plumbing codes for Whittier, CA .

Save Money By Replacing Your Old Water Heater

Once a water heater breaks Our Whittier Plumbers are Water Heater Reapir Specialistisdown and causes a leak, it is beyond a simple repair. Replacement is necessary, especially if your water heater is old. Typically, you can save more money by replacing an old water heater before it breaks down. When making a decision to replace a water heater or any type of plumbing fixture, you should consider the long-term savings. Buying an energy efficient or low consumption water heater can save you money. Contacting our Whittier plumbing professionals guarantees the right decision is made. If you prefer to wait before replacing an existing water heater and want to maximize its efficiency, consider these tips:

  • Reduce the temperature setting by at least 10 degrees. This may reduce water consumption up to five percent.
  • Insulate hot-water  pipes and at least three feet of the cold-water  pipes. Insulating pipes can reduce the amount of heat loss.
  • Have the water heater drained and flushed every six months